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My Publications

Here you can find links to my research publications, MESA Journal articles, map sheets and more.

Peer Reviewed Publications  

Pawley, M.J., Dutch, R.A. & Wise, T.W., 2020. The relationship between crustal architecture, deformation and magmatism in the Coompana Province, Australia. Tectonics, 39(12).

Hartnady, M., Kirkland, C., Dutch, R., Bodorkos, S. & Jagodzinski, E., 2020. Evaluating zircon initial Hf isotopic composition using a combined SIMS–MC-LASS-ICP-MS approach: A case study from the Coompana Province in South Australia. Chemical Geology558, 119870. 

Pawley, M., Wise, T.,Dutch, R. & Jagodzinski, L., 2020. New Proterozoic stratigraphic units of the Coompana Province of South Australia. MESA Journal, 93, 4-23.

Reid, A., Pawley, M., Wade, C., Jagodzinski, E., Dutch, R. & Armstrong, R., 2020. Resolving tectonic settings of ancient magmatic suites using structural, geochemical and isotopic constraints: the example of the St Peter Suite, southern Australia. Australian Journal of Earth Sciences67(1), 31-58. 

Reid, A., Halpin, J. & Dutch, R., 2019. Timing and style of high-temperature metamorphism across the Western Gawler Craton during the Paleo-to Mesoproterozoic. Australian Journal of Earth Sciences66(8), 1085-1111. 

Dutch, R., Pawley, M., Wise, T., Jagodzinski, L., Tylkowski, L., Lockheed, A. & McAlpine, S., 2018. Breaking down the Coompana Drilling Project. MESA Journal87(2), 4-14. 

Werner, M., Dutch, R., Pawley, M. & Krapf, C., 2018. Amata Dolerite, Musgrave Province: connections to Neoproterozoic mantle plume magmatism within Rodinia. MESA Journal87, 34-45. 

Glorie, S., Agostino, K., Dutch, R., Pawley, M., Hall, J., Danišík, M., Evans, N. J. & Collins, A. S., 2017. Thermal history and differential exhumation across the Eastern Musgrave Province, South Australia: Insights from low-temperature thermochronology. Tectonophysics703, 23-41. 

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Krapf, C., Pawley, M., Werner, M., Dutch, R., Irvine, J., Heath, P. & Hill, S., 2017. Boots on ground: release of the new A LCURRA 1: 100,000 map in the eastern Musgrave Province. MESA Journal84, 4-9. 

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Wise, T., Dutch, R., Pawley, M., Foss, C. & Thiel, S., 2018. Building the Coompana Province. MESA Journal88, 25-37. 

Pawley, M.J., Reid, A.J. & Dutch, R.A. (2016) Magmatic systems of the Paleoproterozoic St Peter Suite, western Gawler Craton: insights from reconnaissance mapping. MESA Journal, 814-12. 

Wise, T., Pawley, M.J. & Dutch, R.A. (2016) Preliminary interpretations from the 2015 Coompana aeromagnetic survey. MESA Journal, 79, 22-30. 

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Tucker, N.M., Hand, M., Kelsey, D.E. & Dutch, R.A. (2015) A duality of timescales: Short-lived ultrahigh temperature metamorphism preserving a long-lived monazite growth history in the Grenvillian Musgrave–Albany–Fraser OrogenPrecambrian research, 264, 204-234, DOI: 10.1016/j.precamres.2015.04.015. 

Lane, K., Jagodzinski, E., Dutch, R., Reid, A., & Hand, M. (2014) Age constraints on the timing of iron ore mineralisation in the south-eastern Gawler Craton, Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, 62 (1), 55-75. DOI: 10.1080/08120099.2015.993160. 

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Dutch, R. & Hand, M. (2010) Retention of Sm-Nd isotopic ages in garnets subjected to high-grade thermal reworking: Implications for diffusion rates of major and rare earth elements and the Sm-Nd closure temperature in garnet. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 159, 93-112 

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Map Sheets 

Wise, T., Pawley, M. & Dutch, R., 2018. Interpreted geology map of the eastern Coompana Province. Government of South Australia. Department for Energy and Mining. Digital map product, 00092. 

Krapf, C.B.E., Pawley, M.J., Werner, M. & Dutch, R.A. 2018Alcurra map sheet. South Australia. Geological Survey. Geological Atlas, 1:100,000 series, sheet 5545 

Dutch, R.A. & Krapf, C.B.E. 2015. FOWLER map sheet. South Australia. Geological Survey. Geological Atlas, 1:250,000 series, sheet 53-13. 

Dutch, R.A., Woodhouse, A., Werner, M., Krapf, C.B.E. & Rusak, T.M. 2013. Tieyon map sheet. South Australia. Geological Survey. Geological Atlas, 1:100,000 series, sheet 5645 

Explanatory Notes 

Dutch, R.A., Werner, M., Krapf, C.B.E. & Rusak, T. 2013. Geology of the Tieyon1:100 000 map sheet (5645), Report Book 2013/00011. Geological Survey of South Australia. Department for Manufacturing, innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy, South Australia, Adelaide.