What is GeoDataAnalytics

GeoDataAnalytics is a place for me to share my passion and excitement about geology, data science and technology. It's a place for me to get ideas out there, to give back to the community and hopefully to start conversations about what's possible at the intersection of geology and data science.

So, if you're an explorer or geologist interested in ways to deal with geological data, a data scientist interested in applications geared towards geology or just someone who's interested in learning new approaches to old problems like me, there should be something here for you.

But who am I? I'm a geologist and data scientist who works for Datarock, a mining and exploration technology services start-up. Previously I worked for the Geological Survey of South Australia as the lead for the 'regional geology' team. I have always been passionate about understanding how our earth works, and finding new and interesting ways to use the data that we collect as geologists to make better decisions.

I have a PhD in geology from the University of Adelaide and have spent my career working in both the private and public sector in the field of minerals geoscience and exploration. I have a diverse geological skill set ranging from field mapping, geochemistry, geochronology, structural and metamorphic geology, to project development and management, drill planning, stakeholder engagement and logistics.   

Increasingly I have spent more and more time thinking about data as an asset. From developing better ways to capture geological data in the field and from legacy sources, to thinking about the types of data we need to find the next mineral deposits, and how best to clean, explore, deliver and use the vast data sets held by the Geological Survey. This has led me to learn the tools needed to deal with modern data, from the Python and SQL languages and the Python data-science and ML stack, to databases, web-frameworks like Flask and AWS cloud infrastructure. 

This site is my attempt to share some of the things I've created and some of the things I've learnt. From machine learning web-apps, to helpful python scripts and blogs walking through the data EDA and results. All with a focus on geoscience and with examples using public data from the Geological Survey of South Australia's SARIG database. 

So please explore, read, enjoy and get in touch if you want to discuss.