Presentations and Media

Below are a selection of presentations and other media I have been involved in, largely about the geology of South Australia.

Beneath our feet - Drilling for answers

The Department for Energy and Mining has produced an excellent introductory series on the what, how and why of the Geological Survey of South Australia. I strongly recommend viewing the entire series on the DEM YouTube channel 

This is the third instalment discussing why Geological Surveys undertake mapping and scientific drilling programs. 

From the Department for Energy and Mining's YouTube page description:

Knowing exactly what’s beneath our feet is almost impossible without getting a sample. Geology’s truth machine (aka a drill rig) and core samples help uncover the final pieces of the geological puzzle. The Geological Survey of South Australia's (GSSA) Principal Geologist, Rian Dutch, explains.

Coompana Drilling Project: where are we now

GSSA Discovery Day presentation 2018